Friday, August 10, 2012

Tabitha Short

Author Tabitha Short
Tabitha Short is best known for her blog, The First Five Pages, a site which aids authors in expanding their reach and meeting their marketing goals by offering a preview to the public.

She is also the Lead Editor at Mystic Press publishing, a small publishing company based out of Waco, Texas that offers traditional and self-publishing services.

Currently Tabitha has self-published one short story in the horror genre titled The Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO. Her second release will also be a short story in the horror genre titled The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road: The Arrogant Man. It will be the first in a series and will be available Halloween 2012.

The Roller Coaster of Death will be a third new release horror short story and will be found in the compilation titled Misery Loves Company, published by Mystic Press. The release is slated for December 2012.

Tabitha is working on a novel in the young adult fantasy genre, which has a tentative title of Arena Games: Petrova's Legacy. You can read more about it on the Novels tab above. She is also working on a number of short stories that will belong in the horror fiction genre.

In addition, she also offers editing services through her blog. Tabitha served as Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper and yearbook and received multiple awards and scholarships to study Journalism at Western Kentucky University. After graduation, she found herself pilfering through various marketing and sales jobs before landing in a position as a Supported Employment Specialist for a human services agency. She spends her free time as a freelance editor, author and blog operator.

To connect with Tabitha, you can find her on Facebook at You can also find her on Twitter through @tabithashort2. If you're looking for her blog, The First Five Pages, you can find it here: To contact her directly, you can email her at

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