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Renewal by Tabitha Short

In the summer of 2013, the storyline for Renewal dribbled into the mind of Tabitha Short little by little. The cause? A trip home to see her parents and family in Kentucky. One week emersed in the southern culture sent her reminiscing on all the things she never knew she'd miss.

When she was young she wanted nothing more than to leave the small town and explore the world around her. Now, at 29, she found herself married to a wonderful man, but in a job that wasn't fulfilling. Aside from her in-laws, she was surrounded by individuals whose interest in her centered around their own personal gain. It didn't take her long to discover that no one loves you like your family.

Renewal is a compilation, a story of snippets of the lives of the ones around her. While some situations are made up, some are taken from real-life events, which is why the story has that "real" quality.

Renewal is not just a romance. It's a story of coming home, of letting go, and giving in. It's a story about finding love when love was lost. It's a story of renewal.

Paperback $9.99

Ebook $3.99

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