Short Stories

Roller Coaster of Terror

Waiting in line for a roller coaster is not the most torturous part of this adventure. When the ride breaks down, one man discovers the sinister secret waiting at the end of the ride. Can he convince the other riders to get out of harm's way? Can he get out of the amusement park in time to notify the authorities of the death ride?

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The Roller Coaster of Terror

The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road

She lures them to her farm with her sensual voice and mischievous eyes and they willing go with her every single time. It never fails. This time she’s caught the attention of a man who knows the world was created to serve him. He’s built a life of ease and luxury, but when he’s in the hands of the tiny girl he met online he’ll find he’s not the man he thought he was. Where does all his distain and contempt go when Ms. Alice Roundtree has him strung up in her barn loft? What happens when his handsome face is no longer handsome? Better yet, will he make it to see tomorrow?

The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road is a series of horror fiction short stories about a mother and daughter serial killer pair. They live on a self-sustaining farm slash winery in the middle of nowhere and find entertainment in leading people to their torture chambers where cell phones lose service, screams can’t be heard and people just disappear. The Arrogant Man is the first in the series, followed by The Lost Soul.

This book is only available as an ebook.
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The Corpses of Old Farm Hill Road: The Arrogant Man

The Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO

Cover image for The Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO bookA father decides to take his teenage son to the new zoo in town. The zoo exhibits contain only the most ferocious animals and advertises visitors get to feed the animals. But there’s something the zoo goers weren’t informed of: the animals will be eating them. Because of a small glitch, the man and his son discover the sinister secret before they become the food. Will they be able to make it out of the maze-like zoo before being devoured by the hungry beasts?

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This book is only available as an ebook.
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Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO, The


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